9/23 & 9/25: Thesis & Image

Due: 9/23, 8 AM. 

Post a link to an image that you think adds to an understanding of your thesis.

For example, say my thesis claimed The adoption of a third gender in the U.S. would reinforce, not weaken, what Morris calls the “gender binary.” [JUST an example, and not something I might actually argue–don’t let this affect your reading.] I might post this image: http://i.imgur.com/qO6aynA.jpg. To me, it has a thematic link to my thesis; it speaks to division and uniformity, which my thesis claims would have a negative effect on the perception of gender. 


-Post a link to your image. If possible, please isolate the image (i.e. try not to link to a website with other images, as it might get confusing if we can’t tell which image you’re linking us to).

-DO NOT explain why you chose the image. Post ONLY the link and the thesis statement from your draft. 

-Do your best to choose an image that has a thematic connection, not an explicit one. In other words, if you’re writing about gender, don’t post a picture of a man and a woman–the connection is too strong, and will lessen the amount of analysis your peers have to do. The connection shouldn’t seem overtly obvious!


Due: 9/25, 8 AM. [Note–because of the holidays, some students will do this post on Sunday evening.]

Respond to ONE of your peers’ images. Answer the question, How does is this image linked to the thesis statement. Do not comment on someone’s image if it has already been commented on. ~100 words, please!

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28 Responses to 9/23 & 9/25: Thesis & Image

  1. We cannot choose the body we are born with, but now we have the power to change it, to complete our destiny by having the body that we were meant to have.


  2. avner baruch says:

    Biology does not determine who a person is, a person determines who they are by how they self-identify. Gender is not based on biology.


  3. Pantelis Niapas says:

    Society can no longer identify a person from their exterior, but must learn the person’s true anatomy.


    • avner baruch says:

      The image selected by Pantelis corresponds directly to his thesis statement that you cannot identify a person based on their appearance. He selected an image that appears to be an apple on the outside, but the inside is clearly an orange. The orange represents what his thesis statement refers to when it states you, “must learn the person’s true anatomy.” The statements on the image support his thesis that the exterior does not necessarily match what is inside.

  4. Gender is not biology instead there is a correlation with gender and character


  5. Humza says:

    Gender and sex are a lot more complicated than the simple male and female categories that society has created, and cannot be used to accurately identify people.

    • “Gender and sex are a lot more complicated than the simple male and female categories that society has created, and cannot be used to accurately identify people.” Humza’s thesis statement is linked to her image of being between 2 choices because this picture is similar to the options transgender and intersex people have to face today. In this new scientific and technologically oriented world we live in today we have such a basic definition of gender and sex when it has proven to be much more complicated then what meets the eye. I agree with Humza’s thesis statement that the classifications society has made aren’t accurate any longer and her image explains this well, by only having the choice to go left or right , there is no middle road when there should be.

  6. Kailey White says:

    You are the ultimate decision of who you want to be.


    • Jiajiefan says:

      The image that Kailey White posted faultlessly relates to her thesis statement. Kailey states that “You are the ultimate decision of who you want to be.” In other word, instead of drifting with the current, you should identify yourself and decide who you really want to be. The image reveals that there are two different route that lead to opposite direction in the forest. This symbolizes that in our life, the decision that we make can lead us into a completely different future. For instances, in order to achieve our completeness, we could choose to deny our predetermined anatomy such as gender by doing surgery.

  7. Kailey White says:

    You are the ultimate decision of who you want to be.


    • Victoria Christine says:

      The photo depicts a road with two paths. No road signs or any sort of indication that one has any inclination to choose a certain path. Therefore the photo directly corresponds to Kailey’s thesis which advocates free choice. Options are presented before people and it is up to the person to decide which course their actions will take.

  8. Cameron Burt says:

    Anatomy does not define gender, regardless of what reproductive organs you are born with, you deserve the right to choose their destiny.


    • xiaozhen says:

      The photo that Cameron chooses explains his thesis statement adequately. Cameron has claimed that “Anatomy does not define gender, regardless of what reproductive organs you are born with, you deserve the right to choose their destiny”. In other words, you deserve to determine your own fate no matter what kind of anatomy you are. It’s just like the picture shows that you can choose different colors of umbrella. Umbrella symbolizes the anatomy which is not the anatomy decides what kind of life you need to have, to the contrary, you can do what you really are no matter the outside self are. What’s more, in the picture, the umbrella is the umbrella just with different colors, but it doesn’t change its function. In like manner anatomy is anatomy, it doesn’t mean anything or doesn’t have any power to decide anything. All in all, the idea of the picture is same as the Cameron’s thesis statement, he chooses a great picture to explain his idea.

  9. Victoria Christine says:

    There should be an allowance for multiple characteristics and classifications when it comes to sex, ones that may not be typically male or female.


    • The photo Victoria has chosen represents the diversity of gender. The photo itself contains bookshelves that contain various cookbooks. This is an assumption made from reading the titles which may not be accurate. Although these books can be simply identified as cookbooks it would be inaccurate to describe them as only cookbooks. They do all contain recipes but, they are from various cultures and contain directions to make various dishes. Describing them as only cookbooks does not encompass all of each book’s characteristics. The Same concept applies to gender. People can be described by a gender of simply male or female but, that only gives a limited view of that persons characteristics. These genders do not consider any other characteristics of that person and are given to people based on assumptions about anatomy or appearance. It is even possible that the assumptions made for that person are inaccurate and that they can not be described as male or female for biological or anatomical reasons. This leaves no choice other than to allow more classifications when it comes to sex and gender.

    • leroy mcleod says:

      The picture Victoria posted is a metaphor for her thesis. Comparing the allowance and normality of multiple genres and books in that genre to what the classification of sex and gender SHOULD be. There isn’t just one horror book in the world just as there aren’t just two genders/sexes.

  10. leroy mcleod says:


    Societies understanding and division of gender is no longer accurate.

    • Cameron Burt says:

      The photo that Leroy has chosen displays a distinct explicit connection with his thesis. Leroy has stated that “Societies understanding and division of gender is no longer accurate”. This statement is very powerful and means a lot pertaining to the readings that we have recently been assigned in class. Specifically, the photo that Leroy has chosen displays multicolored figures that neither define male or female, segregated by color divided by a large crack In the surface they stand on. This picture is quite powerful as it displays many aspects of his thesis. Specifically, the relationship between Leroy’s thesis and the picture he chose is that the old viewpoint of gender has now changed. In other words, Leroy has stated that there is no such thing as strictly male or female now, there are many other groups of genders. This picture represents this because it shows figures that do not define specific gender, they are just figures. Additionally they are separated by different colors just as the world segregates transgender people.

  11. Jiajiefan says:

    Human beings should define a person’s character based on how much they contribute to society rather than anatomy.


  12. Nihad Anwar says:

    The complexity of gender often invalidates anatomy as a method of categorizing.


    • The photo that Nihad choose represents his thesis statement perfectly. The picture shows a figure composed out of rubiks, with no colors matching the other. Nihad’s statement is as follows; “The complexity of gender often invalidates anatomy as a method of categorizing.” In other words, gender has become so complex that defining anatomy isn’t as straightforward as it was years ago. This statement can also be proven true due to advances and discoveries made by science. As said before, the photo embodies the statement well, with mismatching colors representing how diverse the concept of gender really is and that there is no definite answer to it . The figure itself is important, symbolizing that an individual’s true gender is up to the person for decide, not what society deems them to be. In conclusion, Nihad did a good job with choosing this picture to represent his thesis statement well, showcasing just how complex gender has become.

  13. xiaozhen says:

    Anatomy does not have any power to decide our fate, we need to make choice for ourselves.

    • The picture Xiaozhen choose clearly shows that all the figures are exactly the same in how they look, which connects to the anatomy aspect of Xiaozhen’s thesis. So although they all have the same structure, the red figure is the one that stands out. The red figure also has its hand raised unlike the other white figures. The figures represent the people in society and the red figure represents the person who decides to create her own fate, that although it looks like the other figures that will not restrict it from being different and standing out.

  14. An individual’s natural biology does not determine destiny, rather it is the choices and beliefs of the individual that makes them who they are.


    • Humza says:

      Giorgos’s picture of Anakin correlates with his his thesis because Anakin Skywalker was the chosen one. Anakin Skywalker was born with a very strong connection to the force. The prophecy stated that he was destined to restore order to the force. But he was deceived by Palpatine and because of the choices Anakin made, like marrying Amidala, he ended up defying that destiny and became a sith lord. And instead of restoring order to the force he was partly the responsible for the fall of the Jedi Order Similarly, as Girogos states, people’s genetics do not define who they are or who they will be. People can choose their own identity and “destiny”. People become who they are based on the decisions they make and their mindset. A person’s mindset isn’t genetic or predictable, it’s developed through their personality and how they’re raised.

  15. Not everyone is able to be defined correctly using the anatomy they are born with.


  16. Anatomy is not a predetermined thing, for not everyone’s physical anatomy is the same.


    • Nihad Anwar says:

      Danielle’s thesis, “Anatomy is not a predetermined thing for not everyone’s physical anatomy is the same” claims that everyone’s anatomy is different and therefore anatomy cannot be decided by someone else. It is purely by the odds of nature that one’s anatomy is decided and the picture Danielle uses compliments her thesis very well. The picture is of a snowflake and from our many science classes throughout our lives we know that every snowflake is unique. No two snow flakes are the same. The shape and size of the crystal can only be determined after it starts falling. This picture represents the way our anatomy is: one of a kind. This snowflake is a very efficient use of symbolism for Danielle’s thesis.

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